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Replica Cartier watches

Upon first glance, to even the trained eye, this watch could easily be perceived as authentic. This was due, in part, to the fact that the watch itself came with a box and manual. Replica Cartier ballon blanc de watches That is not something that is typical among fakes. The box very closely mirrored a real Cartier box and the quality was pretty good. However, the manual was a bit off. The paper wasn’t as thick or to the standard that Cartier uses.When we picked it up, the watch was of a similar weight of a real. Oftentimes fake watches don’t have the same heft as their authentic counterparts. This is because counterfeiters skimp on materials to save costs. When looking at the two watches side-by-side there are some noticeable differences. To start, the word “automatic” is written on the bottom portion of the real Cartier dial. It is missing on the fake. Also, in Replica Cartier watches roman numeral “VII,” you can see differences in the word “Cartier.” The writing is smaller and tighter on the real Ballon Bleu. Upon closer look the undulating wave-style pattern inside the dial isn’t quite the same either. The real one looks tighter with smaller arcs around the center of the dial. The silver coloring of the dial is also not the same. Lastly, the gap between the minute markers, set just inside the roman numeral hour markers, is also much smaller. When examining the cases of the two watches, the most noticeable difference is the crown. The fluting on the crown of the fake Ballon Bleu is bigger and clunkier. On the case itself, the gap where the crystal sits on the case is thinner. The detailing of these two things is just not to the caliber that Cartier would produce